Cookie Recall: Check Your Voicemail

Don't Eat This Cookie!

Don't Eat This Cookie!

The business of planning, communicating, and physically executing on product recalls must be a growing and well-paid business. Today’s recall of Nestle Toll House refrigerated cookie dough reminded me of the speed and sophistication at which recalls are now happening. And I’m not even talking Twitter’s influence!

First, I read the recall headline on my mobile device when I woke up this morning. My girlfriend emailed me later with the story, as she’s seen this same cookie dough in my refrigerator, remarking that it was interesting that I had never told her I harbored such guilty pleasures, or willingness to share the pleasure. Then, about an hour later, I get an 800 number voicemail on my mobile. I picked up and listened to a recorded voice telling me about the recall. In Costco’s customer database, they matched up that I was a Toll House cookie dough buyer (guilty) and my phone number. Here is a great use of my personal Costco customer information helping me.

If anyone knows companies or vendors who provide recall services, I would very interested to get more information about the industry, interesting strategies and tactics.  Post a comment or email me directly. Thanks!


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