Rediscovering Blogging in 2009

View from the summit of the Grand Teton

View from the summit of the Grand Teton

I started blogging (Irwin)  in 2006 to chronicle my climbing, hiking and backcountry skiing experiences. I shared posts with my family and friends but was never concerned with attracting a larger audience or even being found by the search engines.  I considered my blog to be my personal digital journal. It was an easy way to share and archive my outdoor experiences. Even when revisiting it now, it’s fun to remember these beautiful and sometimes harrowing adventures.

Although I’ve not given up my outdoor adventures, I either became too lazy or too busy to keep the blog going past 2008. To be honest, I think the lack of a true readership made me unaccountable, even to myself.

In June of this year, I returned to the blogosphere in earnest to understand and participate in this self-publishing phenomenon with the hope of meeting interesting people who will inspire and challenge me while contributing ideas and conversations of my own. Many times I feel a bit intimidated and overwhelmed when I read top bloggers such as Seth Godin Jay Baer, Danny Brown or Valeria Maltoni.  They make it look so easy with their timely and interesting content, a unique voice and simple but compelling page designs.   Yet these and other bloggers are inspiring to me. I hope someday I’ll have a fraction of the readership they enjoy and, more importantly, the conversations and thinking they generate. In the meantime, I’m learning, making mistakes and search for courage daily to keep writing and posting. As the famous ad copy phrase tells us: “Just do it!”


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